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An Amazing Peruvian Silver Exhibition Touring Canada

The Patronato Plata del Perú, in collaboration with the Museum of Anthropology at UBC (“MOA”) and the Art Centre at the University of Toronto (“UTAC”), with the sponsorship of Pan American Silver Corp., are pleased to present “Luminescence – The Silver of Perú”, a major exhibition on silver in ancient and modern Peru, from the early part of the first millenium to today.

Silver has played a key role in the history of Perú. For over 1,000 years before the birth of the Inca civilization, silver and gold were used by rulers and nobles to symbolize their political power and authority and express their relationship to divine ancestors and gods. After the Conquest, silver was transformed into a monetary commodity, as well as used for the sumptuous decoration of churches; until in modern times, it has become an important medium for artistic expression.

This exhibition, curated by Dr. Anthony Shelton, Director of MOA in collaboration with the Patronato Plata del Perú, includes over 120 silver artifacts and works of art spanning over 2,000 years of Peruvian history. These exquisite artworks, including national treasures, have been loaned by the most prestigious museums and private collections in Perú, some of which have never before been exhibited outside of the country.

Highlights of the exhibition include pre-Columbian gold crowns, silver diadems, pectorals, masks and tunics, a colonial church altar and modern works by such master craftsmen as Gregorio Cachi, Richard Mamani, and Jorge Pérez Gutiérrez.

The exhibition will be on display at:

  • The Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Vancouver (MOA) – October 5, 2012 until December 16, 2012
  • The Art Centre at the University of Toronto (UTAC) – January 15, 2013 until March 10, 2013

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