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Silver Institute Video Reaches Out to Spanish Speaking Markets

(Washington, D.C. – April 7, 2014) “Silver: The Element of Change,” a video produced last year by the Silver Institute, is being released today with Spanish subtitles.

The Institute, an international industry association, has many members from Spanish speaking countries, which are of great importance to the global silver industry.

Said Michael DiRienzo, Executive Director, “We are very pleased that the video, which explores the many ways silver has changed the course of history, is now available in these vital Spanish speaking markets. We are especially grateful to Pan American Silver (NASDAQ: PAAS; TSX: PAAS) for providing the Spanish subtitles.”

The video also depicts the wide variety of ways in which silver has become a significant component of so many of the consumer products we rely upon today, including silver’s role in health and medicine as well as its importance as a trusted investment.

Click here to download this video.

Click here to view the English version of this video.

The video won a 2013 Bronze Telly Award, an honor given each year to the finest videos, film productions, online videos, programs and commercials in the world. To view the video, please visit the Silver Institute’s web page at

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