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In recent years, silver oxide batteries have begun to replace the once-ubiquitous lithium battery.

Though they are more expensive, silver cell batteries have power-to-weight ratios that outweigh their competitors. Thus, many current rechargeable and disposable batteries are manufactured with silver alloys as their negative side or cathode.

The most common silver oxide battery is the small button-cell battery used in cameras, toys, hearing aids, watches and calculators. This size is approximately 35% silver by weight.

Due to environmental and safety concerns, silver oxide batteries are also beginning to replace lithium ion batteries in mobile phones and laptop computers. Another newly popular type of battery is the silver zinc battery. These feature a water-based chemistry and contain no lithium or flammable liquids.

Considering this evolution of health and safety standards and environmental concerns, we anticipate silver’s role in batteries to be more important than ever in coming years.

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