Video Demonstrating the Silver Industry’s Commitment to Sustainability

Mining and refining member companies of the Silver Institute are committed to a sustainable future where a healthy environment, economic prosperity, and social justice are pursued simultaneously to ensure the well-being and quality of life of present and future generations. Indeed, sustainable development has never been more important. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which are five years into a 15-year program, are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. We contribute by responsibly producing silver, a crucial material for use in renewable energy and electric vehicles. Its anti-bacterial properties find broad application in a range of sectors including water treatment, medical applications, and advanced textiles.

Our mining and refining members are committed to sustainability. They focus on the long term, operating responsibly at all times, and work hard to ensure the highest standards of health and safety, environmental stewardship, and governance. They create value for their stakeholders and ensure operational continuity. They also strive to understand and respect the needs of local communities by prioritizing local goods, services, and employees.

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