Silver Promotion Service Expands Savor Silver Program

Silver Promotion Service Expands Savor Silver Program

  • Posted on 05 11, 2016

New ‘Silver Style Partner’ category and participants announced

(New York, N.Y. – May 3, 2016) The Silver Institute’s Silver Promotion Service (SPS) today announced the introduction of a new merchandise category in the Savor Silver Program, ‘Silver Style Partners’.  The inaugural participants are Belle Etoile, Geoffrey Scott, Joryel Vera, LJD, Martha Seely, Stephen Dweck, & Sterling Silver from Taxco.

‘Silver Style Partners’ selected to participate in the Savor Silver program will benefit from multiple marketing opportunities. These include use of the Silver Mark in communications and at trade shows, participation in the mobile responsive website,, the opportunity to advertise in cost efficient trade media programs, and the potential to exhibit with other Savor Silver participants at select trade shows.

Commenting on the expansion of Savor Silver, SPS Director, Michael C. Barlerin, said, “The addition of the ‘Silver Style Partners’ designation reflects the growth and increasing diversity of silver jewelry design.  Whether textured, blended with other metals, or incorporating stones, the role of silver continues to grow. The ‘Silver Style Partners’ designation will both build upon and leverage the visibility of the two current Savor Silver merchandise categories, ‘Designers of Distinction’ and ‘Silver Mark Partners’.

The Silver Promotion Service was introduced in 2008 by the Silver Institute. The objective of the SPS is to develop and implement programs designed to enhance the image of and stimulate demand for silver jewelry in major international markets.  For more information on the SPS please visit

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