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Silvered mirrors have long been a popular domestic application for the element, but you may not yet be familiar with invisible silver, the transparent coating of silver that gives thermal windows their ability to reflect hot summer sun outward and keep internal heat inward. This relatively new technology is sweeping the window industry, a must-have feature for environmentally- and cost-conscious living.

Over 250 million square feet of silver-coated glass are used in homes in the US each year. One popular kind, the so-called “low E squared” double pane windows reflect up to 95% of the sun’s rays, thereby drastically reducing cooling costs and energy usage. Silver-coated polyester sheets, used to retrofit windows, are another popular method for reducing light transmission. With energy costs rising and interest in the environment at an all time high, it is likely that silver-coated glass products will only grow in popularity in years to come.

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